What is Awana?

Awana stands for “Approved workmen are not ashamed” (2 Timothy 2:15).  Awana was founded in 1950 as an international, nondenominational Bible-centered children’s and youth ministry.  The program is committed to evangelism and the discipleship of children and youth.  It is an effective way to spread the gospel to the homes of churched and unchurched families alike.  Awana is dedicated to the training of parents to fulfill their role as the spiritual leaders of their children.  The five principles of Awana are:

Awana is centered on the gospel

Scripture memory is a key element

Awana is exciting and fun

Children and youth are trained to serve

Awana is built on volunteer leadership


Sunday School and Children’s Church

The primary ministry to children is through Sunday School and Children’s Church.

Sunday School is for children of all ages.  Fall semester’s program is Digging Into Epic Teachings of the Bible:

Digging Into Epic Teachings of the Bible explores the enduring lessons of the Old and New Testaments. Kids build a foundation that guides them in living God’s way. You’ll dig into Scripture such as the Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God, and Psalm 23. Kids discover that the Bible matters and is a loving letter from a God who understands them.

Children’s Church: Age appropriate worship is available for children ages 3 through 7 during both the Awaken Contemporary Service and the Legacy Traditional Service.

For more information contact the Church Office at 402-733-1104 or by email at churchoffice@averychurch.com.